TaKeTiNa® a 2,5 day workshop


with masterteacher Tania Bosak and co-leader Baptiste Vaes

31st May, 1st and 2nd of June 2024


A rhythm and meditation workshop for mind-body coherence, rest and renewal

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De Ruimte – Centrum voor Bewustzijnsontwikkeling

Weesperzijde 79a, 1091 EJ Amsterdam


One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.

Friedrich Nietzsche


The Rhythmic Body is a TaKeTiNa® workshop designed for individuals of all levels including musicians, movers, bodyworkers, health workers, change-makers, leaders, and anyone intrigued by exploring and cultivating the art of entering a profound state of flow through rhythm and play.Through the immersive practice of focused attention and dynamic rhythm we unlock the gateway to restorative and contemplative states, cultivating a profound harmony with our thoughts, intentions and actions.

“TaKeTiNa, for me personally, is rhythmic medicine—it restores balance, opens a boundless space and evokes a deep sense of being at home”.

Tania Bosak Master  TaKeTiNa® teacher / Drummer / Actor


ABOUT the TaKeTiNa® Rhythm Process as developed by Reinhard Flatischler

TaKeTiNa® is a process for activating human and musical potential through rhythm and the body. It is a path in which musical learning always goes hand in hand with personal development. As a rhythm and meditation process TaKeTiNa® requires no musical experience. It is an extremely playful and joyous way of entering into the archetypal foundations of rhythms that exist in all music.

Complex poly-rhythms and cross-rhythms form the basis of the process as it utilizes the body by stepping, clapping and singing to generate a complex and rich rhythmic choir. This leads participants into states of relaxation, inner presence and awareness. The process presents opportunities for fun, spontaneity, self-observation, musical expression and reflection and provides time to rest and restore as well.



TANIA BOSAK (AUSTRALIA) Master TaKeTiNa® Facilitator

Tania Bosak, a cross-art form musician and performer, boasts over 35 years of experience in her field. In 2018, she earned the title of Master TaKeTiNa® Teacher following more than two decades of dedicated practice and teaching. Tania’s work centres on Expressive Arts for healing and transformation, blending her extensive professional training in the arts with continuous study, practice, and research in non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Additionally, Tania holds a Diploma in Solution-Focused Counselling from CET, Australia, and is certified as a Practitioner of Generative Change in Generative Trance. www.taniabosak.com

Tania’s TaKeTiNa® Rhythm workshops delve into the rhythm of Kairos and generative change, encouraging participants to explore the profound connection between life’s rhythm and the moments of significance, insight and transformation it holds. By offering practical tools and her down-to-earth, joyful teaching approach, Tania creates a space where participants can embrace mindfulness, creativity, and personal growth as they navigate life’s ever-changing tempo.

Website www.taniabosak.com



Musician, pedagogue of rhythm and polyphony, Baptiste Vaes has been directing choirs for twenty years. He is dedicated to the transmission of the repertoire of traditional songs and the practice of vocal improvisation. Aware of the fundamental role of rhythm in music and curious to approach its aspects related to personal development, Baptiste trained in the rhythmic process TaKeTiNa® with Reinhard Flatischler and guides this practice for almost ten years as a certified teacher.

The important thing for him is to break down the locks that our mind imposes on our experience of rhythm and of life in general by seeking a more balanced body-mind relationship.  Musician, singer, teacher of rhythm and polyphony, Baptiste Vaes leads vocal ensembles for 24 years. His vocal teaching focuses onto the transmission of traditional songs and the practice of vocal improvisation. He is an accredited TaKeTiNa® teacher, introducing people to this practice in Belgium and abroad since 2014.